360 View: Overview

360 View: Overview

What you can do: See all your data at a glance.

You can access this view by clicking the report icon on the sidebar Menu.

Meetings View

On this screen, you will see events in the past (highlighted gray) and in the future. You can see if there are any agenda items added to a client’s meeting and know what you need to start working on. Similarly, you can check if you have sent out follow-ups, added any client to-do items, or tabled something for the next meeting through the "Next Meeting" tag.


By clicking the sent document on the left, you can view the most recently sent document that was sent to that particular client. This does not show a history of all documents sent, only the most recent.

NOTE: 360 View does not show any agenda or summary sent via the “Quick Notes” section. These are only things that are sent via selected events.


In 360 View, you can apply collections to multiple contacts with the Bulk Add Automation. Simply select the contacts and press "Apply Collection." It will save you a ton of time by preparing agenda items or even follow-ups with just one click. For more information on Collections, click here.


You also have the ability to notify another Pulse360 user in your team of the selected actions that need to be done. Your team members will receive the links to Pulse360 for those events they need to start working on. Simply click all the meetings you wish to report to your team, then press the "Notify" button on the top right.

NOTE: This will send an email to your team member, not notify them in Pulse360.


  1. In 360 View, we do not show any agenda or summary sent via the “Quick Notes” section, only things that are sent via selected events
  2. You can send notification emails to your team members
  3. You can filter events by dates, not clients. 

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