How to Add Client Information

How to Add Client Information

What you can do: Add Client Information into Pulse360

With CRM Integration

When it comes to bringing in the clients' information to Pulse360, it is a one-way sync from your CRM to Pulse360. If a new client needs to be added, create them in your CRM - it will then sync over to Pulse360 in 3-5 minutes. 

Any changes made to an existing contact in your CRM will automatically update in Pulse360. 

Please refresh your Pulse360 browser page after 3-5 minutes to view the changes. 

Check how to connect your CRM here: How to Connect Your CRM

Contact Check

Sometimes you may have a contact in your CRM that you have subsequently deleted. Since we do not automatically delete the contact in Pulse360 (to avoid data loss), we will be performing a check against your CRM. If the contact does not exist in your CRM, we will let you know by applying the red icon as seen in the graphic below. This way, you can ensure that you are adding notes and tasks to the correct contact record in Pulse360.

Note: When you first login to Pulse360, all contacts may have this icon. It should disappear shortly as a full CRM sync is being processed. 

Without CRM Integration (Manually)

If you have no connection to CRM, please add the client's info manually on this page:, you can send a .csv file of your contacts to and we can upload them to your workspace.

For more info, please watch this video:

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