How to Transfer Notes

How to Transfer Notes

What you can do: Transfer Notes

If you need, you can transfer notes to and from one meeting/event, quick notes, or contact to another. Notes can be transferred one at a time. Transferring a note will remove it from the initial spot and add it to the second. It is different from copying a note

How: Step by step directions on how to transfer notes:

1. Find the note you want to transfer. Click the "Actions" button and select the "Transfer Note" option.


2. A modal will appear. Select the destination of the note. You can transfer it into another contact and/or event.

Note: The note will be transferred with all tags, tasks, workflows, and files attached. This will be reflected in your connected CRM.

3. Upon transferring, you will now be viewing the new contact to which the note was transferred.


  1. Quick Notes are not related to any events. 
  2. You need to transfer notes one by one.
  3. Tasks, workflows, tags, and files will be transferred with the note.
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