Creating Your First Template

Creating Your First Template

What you can do: Create Document Template

Create your document templates in Pulse360 to be reused and sent to your clients.

How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. Navigate to Templates on the Sidebar Menu. Click the “Create Template” button.

2. Click the "Template Name" field. Then, type the template name. Select the template category and click "Agenda, " "Summary," or others.

Templates under any category can be used in “Documents,” but only templates categorized as agenda or summary can be used in “Meetings.”

3. Click "Manage Blocks" to see all the existing blocks that you have

Blocks are components of your template - the intro, body, and signature. These blocks are reusable and synchronized with each other.

4. Let's get to work. Click "Back to Templates"

5. To start, let's add a block. Click "Add Block". Select the block that will be in your document. You can use the existing blocks or create a new block.

NOTE: Reusable Blocks can be applied to multiple templates. All templates that the block is present on will also be edited when you edit the block.

6. Search "Header" or any blocks you want to use. Then "Add Block"

7. Add more blocks as necessary.

8. You can arrange block orders by dragging them. This is the order that will appear on the final document.

The topics in the notes equal the topics in the template. They define the content of your document.

Find more information on Topic Merge fields here: Merge Fields

You can set up Headers and Footers in Template Settings for PDF documents.

9. Your template is now ready to use. You can use it to send out a document to your clients


  1. How to Add and Edit Blocks

  2. How to Create and Edit a Document Template

  3. Changes made to a block used in multiple templates apply to all instances of that block. To avoid affecting other templates, save changes as a new block when editing an existing one.

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