How to Manage Topics

How to Manage Topics

What you can do: Organize Notes under Topics

Topics is a high-level notes organization tool. They allow you to not only keep your advice organized, but also define what information will go in your document (using Merge Fields).  

How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. When creating a new note, select the Topic in a corresponding field by clicking the dropdown at the top of the note.

2. If there is no Topic you need, you can create a new one by clicking the "Plus" sign next to the "Topic" field.

3. In the Workspace, you can change the Topic of the note by clicking the topic (bottom right) of the note. All available topics will appear to select from, or create a new one. 

4. If you want to edit or delete a Topic, navigate to Settings > Topics.

5. To edit the topic, click on the green "Pencil" icon on the right, edit the name of the topic, and click "Save." The topic will change on all the notes that have it.

If you want to hide/delete a topic, click on the red Eye icon. If required, select the replacement Topic for the notes. The deleted topics are stored in the Archive, and you can restore them at any time by clicking on the green Eye icon.


  1. Remember, the notes will appear in the document only if there are corresponding Topic Merge Fields in the document template.
  2. If you edit or delete a topic, don't forget to manually update document templates that have it. 

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