Flexible Fields in Notes: Overview

Flexible Fields in Notes: Overview

What you can do: Add Information into Note Template

If you are adding a note into the Note Template Library, which will be reused for other contacts, you may want to add in flexible fields. Flexible fields consist of data that may change across different clients, including firm name, $ amounts, years, etc. 

You can create flexible fields by surrounding it in two curly brackets (ex: {{Name}} ). This way, every time you select this note across different clients, the app will prompt you to fill in this information. 

You can create quite complex note templates. 


"I recommend you invest ${{amount}} in {{new_investment}}. This will align well with your {{goals}}. {{Add some rationale}}. "

If the field is left blank, there will be a "Fill Fields" option, so you can come back later and fill it out.

Also, as an additional check, when you go to send the email or create a PDF, it will prompt you to fill out the blank fields. 


  1. Flexible Fields depend on your advice/recommendations.
  2. You can create as many Flexible Fields in one note as you wish. 

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