How to Create Events

How to Create Events

What you can do: Create events in your CRM

Events (or appointments) are the meetings that you have with your clients. If you have your CRM connected with Pulse360, you can simply create your meetings within your CRM and Pulse360 will automatically sync them over in 5 minutes. You can also create events in Pulse360 and they will sync to your CRM as well. 

How: Step by Step Creating Event in Pulse360

1. Navigate to the Workspace by pressing the icon on the sidebar menu and select the contact you wish to add the event to. 

2. Select the "Add or Review Notes" Action. This will full-screen the notes portion of the Workspace.

3. Click on the Plus "+" button in the top right corner, next to the "Select Event" step. This will allow you to create a new event. 

4. Select the date and the time of the appointment on the calendar below and name it. Click “Add Event.”

Note: If you have any existing meetings, they will appear above on that selected date. That way, you don't accidentally double-book yourself. 

Your meeting is set up! It will also appear in your CRM in 5 minutes.


  1. “Events” can also be referred to as meetings or appointments with your clients.
  2. How to Connect Your CRM
  3. How to Change or Cancel Events

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