How to Create and Manage Client Greetings

How to Create and Manage Client Greetings

What you can do: Add Greeting

Client greetings are automatically synced over from your CRM, but you can always add custom greetings in Pulse360. This can be done in the client's record or in the document editor. 

How to manage Greetings in the client's record:

1. Navigate to the Contacts page on the sidebar menu, then search and select the client you wish to change the greeting for. 

2. Under the "Linked Clients & Aliases" section, start typing in the greeting you desire in the "Add New Greeting" field. 

NOTE: You cannot edit or delete Greeting #1 as it is automatically synced from your CRM.

3. You can mark your greeting as default or delete it by clicking on the hamburger menu button on the right. 

4. All your Greetings will be now available upon sending a document.

How to manage Greetings on the Preview:

1. On the document preview, press the Menu button > "Select Greeting" > "Add or Edit Greetings." Type in the greeting you want and save. 

How to manage Greetings in the Document Editor:

1. In the workspace, after selecting a contact and action, open up the full-screen Document Editor by clicking "Edit" on the split-screen view.

Click the "Select Greeting" option and select "Add or Edit Greetings."  Simply type in the greeting you want and press save. 

2. You can delete or mark the Greeting as default in the "Add or Edit Greetings" modal by pressing the hamburger menu next to the desired greeting. 

NOTE: Greeting #1 is synced to your CRM and cannot be deleted.

4. To change the Greeting in the document, select the desired greeting from the dropdown on the left and confirm your changes by pressing "Yes." The Greeting will be updated automatically.

NOTE: If you had made any changes to the document while in the full-screen editor, those changes will be removed when you press yes. 


  1. Greeting #1 is synced to your CRM and cannot be deleted.

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