How to Add Handwritten Notes

How to Add Handwritten Notes

What you can do: Create Handwritten Notes

Stop piling your yellow pads and spending time searching for that piece of paper, take your handwritten notes in Pulse360, so you have them all in one place, automatically syncing to your CRM!

How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. Navigate to the Workspace > select a contact > select an action > press the "Create Handwritten Notes" button and start writing.

2. Save the note when you finish. By pressing the exit or save icon on the top left. Next to the "Create Handwritten Notes" button, you will see a red circle with "1" inside. That shows that you have 1 handwritten note tied to this meeting. 

A note will be added under that contact. Provide a bit of context to your handwritten note so that you can easily search it. 

NOTE: We do not send the "handwritten file" to your CRM. Instead, we send a link to Pulse360. It looks like this:

3. You can notify your team that they need to process the handwritten notes. When in the digital notepad, click the "Notify" button in the top left corner of the modal, select the team member and hit "Notify."

It will not notify your team member from within Pulse360. They will receive a notification email:

4. You can type in the text, edit it, add figures etc. You can find different tools in the left and upper parts of the modal. 

5. You can upload images (.png, .jpeg) and handwrite on top of them.

Use the "Insert Image" option on the left-side toolbar. Select the needed image, add it, and adjust the size. Select the pen and start writing.

6. You can open a whiteboard by pressing the green icon on the top toolbar. This will remove the lines on the document, and create an additional page to your document. 

7. You can add more pages and navigate between them suppressing the page number in the bottom right modal.


  1. We do not send the "handwritten file" to your CRM. Instead, we send a link to Pulse360
  2. You can notify your team member, and they will receive an email
  3. Handwritten Notes not available on Starter Plan

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