How to Add Notes From Notes Library

How to Add Notes From Notes Library

What you can do: Add Notes into Client's Record from the Library

The Notes Library is a space for you to store and create reusable notes. Pulse360 comes with pre-written notes in the library, but we expect you to create your own notes in your voice.

How: Step by step directions on how to add notes from the Library:

1. Navigate to the Workspace in the sidebar menu, select the contact, and choose an action. In the example below, we are choosing the "Add or Review Notes" action that will fullscreen the Notes. 

NOTE: Pulse360 will automatically select the nearest upcoming event if you pick "Create & Review Agenda" and will automatically select the nearest completed event if you select "Create & Review Summary."

2. Press the "Add Notes from Library" button under the client's name. This will pull up your entire Notes Library. 

3. You can add a note simply by clicking on the note. if the note contains flexible fields, you can fill them in when prompted, or dismiss them until later when creating a Document.

4. If you need to add several notes, click the checkbox next to the note on the left, then press the "Add Selected Notes" in green on the top right. 

5. If you need to apply some last-minute changes to the note, you can do so by clicking on the note in the Workspace and editing it.

NOTE: Any changes you make in the Workspace will not be reflected in the Notes Library. In order to edit the note template, you need to do so by clicking the edit icon within the Notes Library screen.
This means that any and all changes made to the note after it has been added to the contact will not save in the Library. 

6. You can change Topic of the note by clicking on it and selecting the Topic you need. If the topic you want is not there, you can create it, then apply it to the note. 

6. You can make other changes to the note like:
  1. The status of the note
  2. Add tags to better organize and search your notes
  3. Create a task in your CRM
  4. Trigger a workflow in your CRM
  5. Attach files to be sent alongside your document
  6. Copy the text of the note
  7. Transfer or delete the note 
Most changes that can be made to the note are found under the "Actions" menu on the bottom right. 


  1. There are other ways of adding notes:
    1. Create New Notes from within the Workspace
    2. Apply a Collection from the Collections screen in the Notes Library
    3. Quick Capture

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