How to Connect Your CRM

How to Connect Your CRM

What you can do: Integrate with CRM

Enabling synchronization with Pulse360 and your CRM allows you to sync your contacts, appointments/events, create tasks, workflows, and keep your notes available at all times. All work done in Pulse360 will automatically sync into your CRM - No double work. We currently integrate Wealthbox CRM, Redtail CRM, and Salesforce. 

How: Step by step directions 

1. Navigate to "Onboarding" > "Essential tasks" > "Synchronize your data with a CRM"

2. Follow the links below for your CRM to find detailed steps on how to connect to each CRM:

  1. Connect Redtail 
  2. Connect Wealthbox
  3. Connect Salesforce


  1. Integration with CRM is necessary for task/workflow creation. You can still create a task in the app without connecting your CRM, but in this case, it will only be reflected in the app.
  2. To use tasks in Redtail and Wealthbox, link users between Pulse360 and your CRM.

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