How to Create a "Client To-Do" Template

How to Create a "Client To-Do" Template

What you can do: Add Client To-Do Part to a Document Template

Sometimes you may require some actions from your clients. You can easily do it from Pulse360 by creating a Client To-Do section of an email and sending it out. 

How: Step by step directions:

1. Create a new document template or use an old one.

2. Add a "Client To-Do" block. See How to Add and Edit Blocks for more information on creating and editing blocks. 

2. Add Topic Merge Fields and tag them as "Client" by clicking on the merge field, pressing the tag icon and selecting "Client." Save the block. 
This now includes Client to-do items in your template. 

3. The final template might look like this:


  1. Topic Merge Fields will pull notes into the document as usual. Tagging Topic Merge Field as "Client" will pull the note into the Client to-do part of your document. Such notes will not show up in another part of the document. 

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