How to Create New Notes

How to Create New Notes

What you can do: Create New Notes

Adding notes to a contact is one of the core functionalities of Pulse360. Reusable notes are added through the notes library, however, sometimes you may have a note that would only be added once to a contact. This can be done by pressing "Create new note" or using the Quick Capture feature. Additionally, you can save a note into the library using this functionality. 

How: Step by step directions on how to create a note:

1. Navigate to the Workspace in the sidebar menu, select the contact by typing in their name, and navigate to the action you need. In the example below, we are selecting the action, "Add or Review notes" which will fullscreen the notes area without the document preview. 

Select your event, or simple save it in the Quick Notes area (to be transferred later).

2. Press the "Create New Note" button near the top of the screen. 

3. Write the text of the note. Keep in mind, these notes should be small, like in the example below. The notes are what make up the document you are creating, so if you input a long note, you will have to clean it up later on. 

If you are adding a note into the Note Template Library, which will be reused for other contacts, you may want to add in flexible fields. Flexible fields consist of data that may change across different clients, including firm name, $ amounts, years, etc. 

You can create flexible fields by surrounding it in two curly brackets (ex: {{Name}} ). This way every time you select this note across different clients, the app will prompt you to fill in this information. 

4. Organize the note under a particular topic so it is easily searchable. You can also pre-select if it's an Agenda, Follow-up, or a Client-To-Do item. This way, you can skip this step when adding notes to the document. 

5. You can add more information and automation that is tied to this specific note by selecting the option on the left. This means that whenever this note is added to a contact, all of the attached information/automation will also be triggered. These include:
  1. Attaching files to be sent along with the document
  2. Creating a task in your CRM
  3. Add tags for better organization and searchability
  4. Add the note into a Collection (it will be saved to the Notes Library automatically).

6. If the note you are adding will be used one time (it is unique to this contact), then press "Add for Single Use."

If the note you are adding can be used across multiple contacts, press "Add to Library." This note will now be searchable and addable in your library, including any items you have added to it from Step #5.

Whether you add the note for Single-use or add it to the Library, the note will be automatically be added into the selected client's record in the Workspace. If there are any Flexible Fields in the text, the app will prompt you to fill them in. 

You can fill in flexible fields when prompted or dismiss them to fill them in later. 

NOTE: Pulse360 will not allow you to send any document that still has flexible fields that need to be filled in. 


  1. Don't type all the information in one note, separate it by concepts: 1 concept = 1 note. It is similar to bullet points.
  2. Write your notes as if the client will read them.
  3. Separate notes from internal and client-facing.
  4. You can also use Quick Capture to create notes.

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