How to Create and Edit a Document Template

How to Create and Edit a Document Template

What you can do: Create Templates

How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. Navigate to "Templates" on the side menu > "Templates" > "Create Template."

2. Name the new template, select category and, if you wish, mark it as default.

Note: You can have 2 total default templates. 1 for Summary and 1 for Agenda. When you go to create a document, your default template will be selected, depending on the document type. 

3. Add blocks at your discretion. If you do not see a block that you would like to use, you can create it. 

Note: Blocks are what make up a template. You cannot have a template without blocks created. Please view this page for more information on creating blocks. 

4. If you want to edit the document, you can add and delete blocks, move them around by dragging, or edit them.

5. Here is an example document created with this template.


  1. Each document template consists of blocks. These blocks are reusable, so you can add them to different document templates.
  2. Any changes you make to the block will be reflected on all document templates the block exists on.
  3. You can adjust the margins of the document for each template — if you intend to print the document.

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