How to Create Tags

How to Create Tags

What you can do: Create Tags

Creating tags allows you to personalize your workspace and make your notes easily searchable and organized. 

How: Step by step directions on how to create Tags:

1. Navigate to “User Settings” > “Tags.”

By default, you will only see a “Client” tag on this list if you have not added any tags.

2. Create a new tag. Don’t forget to add a description, so you know what is the purpose of this particular tag.

3. You can edit the tags by clicking on the green Pencil icon on the right (Edit), or delete the tags you don’t want anymore by clicking on the red eye icon.

The deleted tags are stored in the Archive, and you can restore them at any time by clicking on the green Eye icon.


  1. How to Tag Notes
  2. Tags are used to organize your notes
  3. You can quickly search for tags using the "Filter Notes" feature in the Workspace
  4. Tags are specific to the workspace, not the user

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