How to Trigger a Workflow in your CRM

How to Trigger a Workflow in your CRM

How: Trigger Workflows from Pulse360

From within Pulse360, you can trigger workflows in your CRM automatically. It is done similarly to task creation.

Add a Workflow when Creating a New Note

When adding a new note, press the “Trigger Workflow” tab and fill in the info. You can set the start date for your workflow based on its creation date or on the event date. By adding a negative number, you can have a workflow triggered before the event begins. 

NOTE: Workflow categories are pulled directly from your CRM.

If you click the “Add to Library” button, the note will save to the Note Template Library with the workflow attached. Whenever this note is used in the future, the workflow will be automatically triggered in your CRM.

Add a Workflow to an Existing Note

Another method of adding a workflow to a specific contact is by hovering over the existing note in your workspace, pressing "Actions," and clicking "Attach a workflow." Repeat the steps above. 

Add a Workflow to a Note Template

You can add a workflow to an existing note template in your Notes Library by clicking the edit icon on the right side of the note and selecting "Trigger Workflow."

NOTE: Editing these notes will not add the workflow to existing contacts with this note. Only future contacts this note is added to. 


  1. In order to use the workflows, you must connect them to your CRM with Pulse360. Integration with Salesforce currently does not support this feature.
  2. Some options may vary depending on your CRM.
  3. Workflows will sync to your CRM in 3 min.
  4. How to Delete Workflow

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