How to Add and Edit Note Templates

How to Add and Edit Note Templates

What you can do: Add Notes to Library and Edit Notes in Library

The Notes Library is a space for you to add, edit, and create reusable notes. These notes allow you to apply them across all your contacts using flexible fields

How: Step by step directions on how to add new notes to the Library:

1. Navigate to the Workspace in the sidebar menu, select the contact and action, and press "Add Notes from Library." In the example below, we are selecting the "Add or Review Notes" action, which will full-screen the note portion. 

2Create a new note. You can attach files, add tasks, workflows, topics, and add it to a collection at this stage.

You may want to add in flexible fields. Flexible fields consist of data that may change across different clients, including firm name, $ amounts, years, etc. 
You can create flexible fields by surrounding it in two curly brackets (ex: {{Name}} ). This way every time you select this note across different clients, the app will prompt you to fill in this information. 

Once done, press "Add to Library." This will save the note in the Notes Library as well as apply it to the currently selected contact. 


How: Step by step directions on how to add already written notes to the Library:

Sometimes you may have added a note to a contact that is perfect to be added to the library. Well, rather than copy and paste the text and reapply any tasks, workflows, tags, etc. You can now add it to the library in 2 clicks. 

1. On the note you wish to add to your Notes Library, click the "Actions" button and select "Add Note to Library."

2. If you need, edit the note and press "Add to Library." 
You will have to add Task, Workflow, and Collection, because they will not be saved from the original note. 

How: Step by step directions on how to edit notes in the Library:

1. Enter the Library. On the right side of each note, there are 2 icons. Press the blue Pencil icon to edit the note, and the Red Trash icon to delete it from the Notes Library. 
Any action done in the Notes Library will not reflect on any existing notes under your contacts, only NEW notes added to contacts. 

2. To add notes into a Collection, select those you require and press "Add to Collection" button on the right. Select a Collection to add the note into, or create a new Collection. 



  1. Editing Library does not affect previously added notes to a contact. Only future notes. 

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