How to Tag Notes

How to Tag Notes

What you can do: Tag Notes

Customized tags help you search and organize your notes in the Notes Library and Workspace. It allows for a higher level of organization. 

 How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. In the workspace under your selected contact, add a note and click the "Actions" button. Select "Tag Note." You can add existing tags or create new ones here. 

2. To add a tag to a note, allowing it to already be tagged when adding it to a contact, go to the Notes Library, select the note and click on the Pencil icon (Edit). In the new window, click "Tag it" on the left, add the desired tags to the note, and press Save.

Now, whenever you add this note to a contact, these tags will automatically be attached to this note. 


  1. How to Create Tags
  2. Tags are used to organize your notes
  3. You can quickly search for tags using the "Filter Notes" feature in the Workspace
  4. Tags are specific to the workspace, not the user

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