Merge Fields in Document Templates: Overview

Merge Fields in Document Templates: Overview

What you can do: Add Information into Document Template

A merge field is a field you can put in a template to incorporate values from a record. For example, you can place a merge field in an email template so that the greeting includes the recipient's name rather than a generic “Hello!”

When creating document templates, merge fields will bring over information from your CRM (or Pulse360 contact if added manually) that is unique for every meeting, like client name, date and time of the appointment, your email signature, notes, etc. They can be found in the dropdown list in the document blocks

Topic Merge Fields are responsible for bringing the notes into the document. They are the same as the Topics you organize notes under.  If you add a merge field for a topic, any note under a contact that is labelled under that topic (ex. Investments) will then appear in this document. 

If the Topic Merge Fields is not in the template, the note under this Topic will not appear in the document.

You can change settings of a Topic Merge Field for different purposes by clicking on it:
  1. "+" button for always showing this topic title in the document. 
  2. "-" button for always hiding this topic title in the document. 
  3. "Tag" button for client-to-do items.
  4. "Trash Can" button to delete this Topic Merge Field.


  1. Topic Merge Fields link to the Topics of the notes.
  2. You can create a client-to-do item by changing Topic Merge Field's settings.
  3. How to Create and Edit a Document Template

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