Notes and Collections Library: Overview

Notes and Collections Library: Overview

What you can do: Save Notes Templates

Some notes are unique and can be used only on specific occasions for specific clients. Other notes can be very generic and reused across all contacts. You may want to write them in a way so that you can re-purpose and re-use them for different clients. In this case, you can save them to the Notes Library and pull them out whenever needed.


To enter the Library, navigate to "Meetings," select Contact and Action, and press "Add Notes from Library."

You can create new notes in the Library by clicking on the green button in the top right corner.

You can sort the notes in Alphabetical Order or by Creation Date by choosing options in the right corner.

In the Library, you can filter the notes by text, you can also filter by topics and tags, as shown below:

To add a note to your event or email, simply click on the note from within the Notes Library. This will prompt you to fill in the flexible fields immediately, but you can skip filling them in until later.

If you need to add several notes, select the ones you need and hit the "Add Selected Notes" button.

You can edit or delete the notes using the corresponding icons on the right side of each note.

In the Notes Library, you can also see and manage your Collections by switching over to the "Collections" section on the top left.
You can group your notes into collections by creating folders. These collections help you stay organized and find your notes quickly.

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