Notes Not Showing in the Document

Notes Not Showing in the Document

Are you adding notes into the Notes Workspace but they are not appearing on the document preview? There are two likely reasons this may have happened.

Reason 1: Notes are not tagged as Agenda or Summary.

On the Note, you can find 3 default tags: Agenda, Summary, and Client To-Do.

Tag your note according to the type of document you are creating so that it appears in the document: Agenda for Agenda templates, and Summary for Summary templates. 

When these flags are greyed out, this means they are turned off. 
When these flags are in color, this means they are turned on. 

The Client To-Do flag is optional. It is used if you want to create a Client To-Do item. Please read this article to see how to create a Client to-do: How to Create a "Client To-Do" Email from Scratch

Reason 2: Topics of the Notes are not the same as Topic Merge Fields on the Template. 

You use Topics to organize your notes. Topic Merge Fields are used on document templates to determine what information appears in your document. The topics on the notes and the topic merge fields in the templates are linked and makeup the document. 

For example, if you add a note under the topic, "Investments," in order for it to appear in the document, your template must have the topic merge field, "Investments." If you want to edit your templates to insert topics, click here.

Only notes under the topics which are on the document Template will merge into the final document. If you want to add an internal note to a contact but don't want it to appear in the final document, you can exclude topics from your document (ex. Internal). 

If this did not solve your problem, please contact or schedule time here:

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