How to Send Out a Document to your Clients

How to Send Out a Document to your Clients

What you can do: Send Out a Document 

Create and send your first document, using Pulse360. 

Check out the video to see what we mean:

How: Step by step directions on how to do that:

1. Navigate to the Workspace and select the contact you want to create a document for.

2. Select the Action. Pick your event or create a new event to work in. 

On the left side, any notes you add will appear here. On the right, you will see the preview of the document you are creating. As you add notes on the left, the preview will update on the right as long as the selected template supports the note topics. 

3. Add notes on the left side. Notes are the building blocks of Pulse360 and are the pieces that make up the documents. You can create new notes or add them from the Library by pressing the related buttons. 

4. Tag your notes as Agenda or Summary depending on the type of document you are creating. This way they appear in the document as long as the selected template supports the note topicsYou can also add Client To-Do items.

5. You can change the document you want to send out by selecting another template using the dropdown and selecting the template from the list. The preview will update.

6. Email your document out to your client, download it as a PDF, or print it by pressing "Send Email" or clicking the hamburger menu on the right. 


  1. We sync your contacts and meetings from your CRM 
  2. If you don't use CRM, you can upload contacts manually and create events in Pulse360
  3. You can build out Document Templates according to your practice needs.

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