Connecting Salesforce to Pulse360

Connecting Salesforce to Pulse360

What you can do: Sync your Salesforce CRM with Pulse360

Synchronization with your Salesforce CRM allows you to be more productive, create notes in Pulse360, and have them automatically sent to Salesforce. You must have Salesforce Enterprise or better to sync with Pulse360.

How: Step by step directions on how to sync Pulse360 with Salesforce CRM

1. In Salesforce, navigate to "Settings" > "Setup."

2. In the "Quick Find," type "App Manager" to select it from the left column menu. 

3. You will need to create a new connected app. Select "New Connected App" from the right menu.

4. Enter basic information to identify the connected app in the future. Please enter the details as shown below. You can copy and paste the text that we have put below this image in the right field.

Copy and paste this:
  1. App Name: Pulse360
  2. API Name: Pulse360
  3. Contact Email:
  4. Contact Phone: 951-254-2373
  5. Description: Documentation and communication software for financial advisors

5. In the API section, you need to provide access to your Salesforce to connect with Pulse360. You can copy and paste the Callback URLs that are listed below. Move Scopes from left to right as shown.

After you complete this,  press "Save" at the bottom. No other options need to be checked.

Callback URL to paste

6. You will be taken back to the App Manager screen. Please select the drop-down box for Pulse360 and select "Manage."

7. On the Manage screen, we need to edit the policies. Please click "Edit Policies."

8. Under the edit mode, please make sure to select "Refresh token is valid until revoked." Save all changes when done. 

9. You will be taken back to the App Manager screen. Please select the drop-down box and click "View."

10. You will be able to verify the settings you entered above here. Press "Copy" to get the Consumer Key. Paste the key you just copied to Word or a Notepad. You will need this later. 

In addition, press "Click to Reveal" and copy that Consumer Secret key. Again, paste this into the same temporary document, as you will need it later. Make sure you label which is Consumer Key and which is Consumer Secret. Do not share these and guard them securely. 

Once copied, please return to your Salesforce Dashboard area.

11. You need to retrieve your Salesforce instance URL. This is available under your User Profile icon.

12. Once you have set up the app and got the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Instance URL, you can go back to Pulse360 Onboarding Screen by pressing the present icon on the sidebar menu.

13. Click over to Salesforce and select "Link." Here, you can paste the Instance URL (see note below), Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret that you gathered above and press "Install." This will start the synchronization process. Depending on the # of contacts you have in Salesforce, it may take up to an hour

Important Note: For the instance URL, you will need to add "https://" to precede the URL you copied. So as an example, it would be "" 

14. After the initial sync is completed, refresh Pulse360 and follow the steps to get to the screen below. You can check on the status or unlink connection at any time from "Settings" > "Integrations."

15. In order to use the Task feature which allows Pulse360 to create tasks in your Salesforce CRM, you need to match the user in Pulse360 with users in Salesforce. This is done under "Settings" > "Integrations" > Salesforce > "Tasks."

16. When the sync is complete, your Salesforce contacts will appear in Pulse360. Navigate to the "Workspace" screen and select a contact by typing their name into the box.


  1. You need to have Salesforce Enterprise or a better edition for synchronization. 
  2. You may have a limit on connection requests every 24-hours in your Salesforce. Please review those to ensure you are not running out of ability to send data back and forth. 
  3. You can synchronize your Salesforce CRM from the "Onboarding" tab
  4. If applicable, assign your Pulse360 users with CRM users to be able to select assignees for the tasks from "Tasks" screen. 
  5. You can add contacts, as well as appointments, to your Salesforce account, and they will be synced over to your Pulse360 app.
  6. Only "Client" tagged notes will appear in the appointment description. Other notes are added to the notes area. 

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