Notes Not Showing up in the CRM

Notes Not Showing up in the CRM

If yoconnect your CRM to Pulse360, Pulse360 automatically syncs all notes to your CRM. Each type of note sync in different times:
  1. Notes from the Quick Notes sync over to your CRM every 2 hours. 
  2. Notes added to upcoming events will sync to your CRM at the event start time. If you tag meeting notes as Agenda and Client To-Do, they will sync into the event description.
  3. Notes added after the event was completed will sync to your CRM in 2 hours, regardless of Agenda/Summary/Client To-Do tags.
  4. In-Meeting Notes sync to your CRM instantly.
  5. Handwritten Notes/Digital Notepad Notes will appear as a link in your CRM in 2 hours. 

You can check the status of CRM connection in the Settings > Integrations > Your CRM > Status.

If this did not solve your problem, please contact or schedule time here:

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