How to Create Document Using Filtered Notes

How to Create Document Using Filtered Notes

What you can do: Create Document Based on Filtered Notes

In Pulse360, you can search and filter for notes and send out a document using the filtered notes. This is useful when it comes to Year-end Summaries, catching all taxable events, and more. 

This page goes over how to find that information in the "Search All Notes" and create a document on those searched notes.  

How: Step by step directions on how to do that

1. In the Workspace, select the contact and navigate to "All Notes."

NOTE: "All Notes" will only show the notes related to the specific contact, not all notes across all contacts. 

2. Apply the filters that you need by clicking "Search & Filter Notes". For a more precise search you can combine several filters by pressing the plus icon next to the filter. 

3. Press the "Create Document" button on the right to open the split-screen view and select the template you need. 

4. You can add or remove notes from the document by selecting or deselecting Agenda/Summary/Client To-Do.

NOTE: You cannot change the order of the notes in All Notes. 

5. The document is ready! You can email, print. or create a PDF.


  1. You cannot reorder the notes in All Notes. 
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