How to Delete/Remove Attachments from the Notes, Notes Template, and Email

How to Delete/Remove Attachments from the Notes, Notes Template, and Email

What you can do: Delete Attached Files

If you have files attached to notes or emails, you can remove them so they don't get sent.

You can remove attachments from the note template so it will no longer be attached automatically them the note is used, or you can remove them one-time from a specific note, not affecting the note template. Lastly, you can remove attachments from the "Send Email" screen as well.

How to delete attachments from Note Templates

1. Open the Notes Library and search for the note you wish to remove the attachment from.

2. Edit the note by pressing the pencil icon on the right and navigating to the "Attach File" option.

3. Delete the file and save the note. Now it will not attach files every time you pull it up. 

NOTE: This will note remove the attachment from any already existing notes under the contacts.

How to delete attachments from the notes on the Workspace

1. Find the note in the client's record, not in the Notes Library.

2. Click the "Actions" button on the note and select "Manage Attachments."

3. Delete the desired file(s) and save the note. The removed file will not be sent with the email. 

NOTE: Removing the attachment from this note does NOT remove it from the note template in the Notes Library. 

How to remove attachments from the final Email

1. Create a document and press "Send Email."

2. In the email modal, navigate to "Attachments" at the bottom. Press the trash icon for any attachment you wish to not be sent. This screen will show ALL attachments being sent. 


  1. How to Attach Files
  2. Removing a file from a note on the Workspace does not remove the note from the Note Template in the Notes Library.

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